CECSUR (Cultural Center for Human and Religious Sciences) originates within the Seventh Day Adventist Church, with the intention of creating a wider space that may promote and make possible an accurate and responsible reflection in dialogue with contemporary society and culture. At the crossroads of environmental, social, cultural, scientific, artistic and religious phenomenona that are rapidly transforming the profile of families, communities, interpersonal relationships and society itself, this dialogue seems not only desirable but also obligatory.

The motivation that nurtures this initiative is to avoid the apparently secure way, that easily becomes counterproductive and sometimes even self-damaging, of a religious apologetic afraid of losing its center. However, at the same time and with the same soberness, we want to avoid the easy way of adapting naïvely to the given reality or the simple acritical alignment with the fashions and the ways of this historical period. Therefore, aware of the ambivalence and the one-sidedness but also of the uniqueness and opportunity that present events offer to the faith, we want, as a religious tradition in movement, to reflect critically on ourselves, our choices and our mission in the forum of cultural and social changes and among the needs and feelings of people we want to serve.

CECSUR originates as a social-cultural initiative to serve the city of Florence. It is promoted by the Adventist Theological Faculty, supported generously by the Adventist community of this city and with a financial contribution of the Italian Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Structure and perspectives
CECSUR organizes its activities on four levels.

1. The creation of two Research Committees, one on the theme "Ethics-Theology-Society" and the other on the theme "Psychology-Sociology-Religion."
2. The structuring of Four Annual Seminars on the topics: Science-Religion, Theology-Culture, Society-Religion, Bible-Society.
3. Through a monthly Book Presentation of a current work in dialogue with the author.
4. The planning of "Conferences, Meetings, Debates, Study Days" etc.


Prof. Hanz Gutierrez

Villa Aurora - via del Pergolino, 12 - 50139 Florence, Italy
Tel: +39 055 412014 - Fax: +39 055 412797 - Email: info@villaaurora.it