In the autumn of 1929, the President of the Union of Italian Missions of the Adventist Church, Pastor Gianluigi Lippolis, made an appeal to those in charge of the organization with the hope that a school of formation would arise in Italy for the pastors whom, until that time, had attended Collonges Sous-Salève, Haute-Savoie, France, for their training. Ten years later, on July 10, 1939, the opening of a four-year school in Florence was authorized during the session of the Executive Committee of the Division held in Bern, Switzerland. Pastor Giuseppe Cupertino, who had returned from Ethiopia for health reasons and was unable to go back to the mission field due to the outbreak of war, was charged with taking on the direction of the rising Institution.

On October 15th, 1940, the first year of formative courses for Italian pastors was inaugurated at the seat of the Istituto Avventista di Cultura Biblica (Adventist Institute of Biblical Culture), located in Florence in via Trieste, 17. There were 12 students registered and the teaching body was composed of: Director and Teaching: Giuseppe Cupertino; Teaching: Helium and Anchovy Bertalot, Mario Vincentelli and Maddalena Arbore.

With the war ended, the number of pupils increased and, in February 1947, the property of "Villa Aurora" (a XIII century villa), the present location of the Istituto Avventista di Cultura Biblica, was acquired. In the month of October 1947, the academic year began with 48 students registered for the course of formation and with 7 teachers and 8 contributors occupied with the various activities of operating the Institute.

From 1958 to 1997, middle and high school courses were added to the theological course of formation in order to prepare for matriculation.

In 1992 the Languages Department was born, which offers courses of Italian language, art and culture for foreigners.

From 2002 to 2015 the Institute has been host to a Master in International Development managed by Andrews University.

Istituto Avventista di Cultura Biblica issues degrees in Theology recognized by the Italian Government (Legge 22 novembre 1988 - n. 516, come modificata dalla Legge 8 giugno 2009 - n. 67).


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